A Little Intro...


Welcome to my personal worship sessions...a place where I can share my inner dialogue with you. Since I’ve been told I talk too much, I have no choice but to write! I actually have a lot on my heart that I want to share. If you don’t know my story, you can read about it in the ‘My Story’ section.

I often get asked about the life I used to live, how I came out of it, and how I keep myself planted on solid ground. Every time I answer these questions I wish there was a camera crew around to record it because there is always more to say than just reciting a few paragraphs. We all have different circumstances that can lead us down the wrong paths in life. The purpose of this blog is to pass along everything God has taught and shown me in the last eight years after rededicating my life to Him. It will range from my thoughts on homosexuality to wanting my own aisle at the supermarket. From how I make bargains with God regarding my singleness to how He gently reminds me to trust Him. If you know me, then you know my love for singing. I’ll share my heart on worship and how I learned to go boldly to the throne ... with the hope that you will be encouraged to go deeper in your worship.

God keeps changing me. Every day He shows me something new. He also has a tendency to take me back in time... to show me how I ended up on some pretty treacherous roads. I'm amazed at what He has done with my life, and it's my joy to share these amazing God moments with you!