Bridging the Gaps



There are many things happening in our culture that, quite frankly, are not shocking to me because I come from a heavy walk in the world. I’ve seen more things than I’d like to admit to, as well as experienced things that have scarred my mind and my heart.

It’s no surprise how our culture has shifted. But the truth is – the homosexual culture has been active for a long time…ever since the days Jesus lived and walked this earth. It's nothing new under the sun. There’s just more acceptance of it now. Therefore anyone living this lifestyle is more comfortable opening up about it.

Many of you know my story. I was living as a homosexual for 15 years. But underneath my gay pride, I felt dark inside. Empty. And honestly, lived with an agony in my heart that I chose to ignore. I was secretly searching for something more. Some other kind of love. A deeper love that I couldn’t describe or attain. A love I eventually found when I decided to drop the one thing I felt secure in – my identity in the world.

Eight years ago, I experienced a beautiful, personal exchange with Jesus Christ that completely flipped my world upside down. That day, I decided to put my identity in Jesus. In return, He changed my desires and re-wired me into the woman God created me to be.

The truth is… there’s a huge communication breakdown. A gap that’s killing your relationships with the people you love. Your son. Your daughter. Your best friend. Someone whom you love dearly but you can’t seem to get past their lifestyle.

You are welcome to join me at the Chapel for a new support group: The Burden of Homosexuality. This is for family and friends of those who struggle with sexual identity. The Burden of Homosexuality offers a safe place for you to openly discuss homosexuality and how it’s effecting your family. It will provide you with the opportunity to ask questions, learn how to respond in truth and love, and re-ignite hope in your heart for your loved ones.

We meet every third Monday at 7pm in the Living Room at the CrossPoint Campus. For more information, call 716.631.2636 x201. You can also click on the link under the video above.