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An avid communicator, Keri has a powerful voice and an incredible testimony of God's unconditional love and grace. Keri loves a good rescue story and is passionate about sharing her own for Gods glory. For 15 years, Keri walked away from God and unashamedly tells the hard truth about life without Christ, her "homecoming" and what life looks like now that she lives for Christ alone. Speaking on topics of overcoming sexual sins, weight struggles, insecurities, identity struggles and having confidence in worship leading. The fusion of real-life stories and Keri's intimate relationship with Jesus connect with audiences in a refreshing and life-giving way. Keri is passionate about music ministry, leading worship and the opportunity God has given her to encourage others to be authentic and vulnerable with their own story so they too can experience the intimacy we all long for. 

To read more of her story visit the "MY STORY" page.  


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